Saturday, 2 November 2013

Cover from the USA!

Today I found an old cover I had from 2011! The cover was sent from California early December 2011 and it arrived on December 20, 2011. It is interesting because this was sent to me while I was using a US DPO address (Diplomatic Post Office). A DPO address counts as a domestic US address and is therefore subject to domestic postal rates for mail sent from the US, much like APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) addresses. These are typically used for locations located outside of the USA, such as diplomatic missions abroad and military bases. DPO/APO/FPO count as a "city"in the address while AP (Armed Forces Pacific), AE (Armed Forces Europe), and AA (Armed Forces of the Americas) count as the State. The postmark in front shows "US Navy" and "FPO AP 96515". The one on the back shows "U.S. Mail" and "DPO AP 96515". 96515 corresponds to the zip code for the US Embassy, Manila.

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